The 13 Best Motorcycle Mirrors of 2020

We introduced some of the best motorcycle rearview mirrors and detailed the features they each provide. Safety is paramount when riding, and clear vision is important.

Pair of OEM Quality Black Angular Head Motorcycle Mirrors for Metric Cruisers

These mirrors are for Japanese bikes with the 10MM right-hand thread that includes most Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Victory cruisers made since the 70s. Mirrors won’t match Yamaha motorcycles or sportbikes with fairing-mounted mirrors. These trendy black motorcycle mirrors that provide a stealthy appearance with an angular mirror mind.

Hoosier Garage-Billet Stem OEM Quality Black Motorcycle Mirrors

OEM quality motorcycle mirror with a matte black metal mirror casing and billet aluminum stem
Approximately 6.5″ total width from the underside of the stem into the outer edge of the mirror head. Mirror head itself is 5.5″.
Fits most Harley-Davidson bikes with 8MM mounting point on clutch and brake controllers
Fits’82-later versions (except VRSCF VROD and XL1200X versions )

Rear View Mirror Motorcycle Scooter Mirrors 10mm Chrome for Honda

Fits for many Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycles and Several of scooters with a 10mm mirror bracket
Size: 10mm. Please be sure it is the correct size of this mirror before purchase
High-quality material: Chromed. Package Included: 2 x Rear View Motorcycle Mirrors ( 1 Pair )
Durable, Easy to set up & use, please check it carefully to make sure it is what you Want

Mirrors Rearview Mirrors With Turn Signals For Motorcycle

LED light usually use electricity between 0.5-2watt, occasionally after you set up, the turn signals may blink too quickly or not float, at this stage, you’ll need 50watt 6ohm load resistor to deliver the hyper flash to normal because the light bulb on the bicycle is routine 50watt halogen bulb, so we will need to produce the power output equilibrium on each the turn signals, however, we don’t carry any load resistors, please buy if needed.

Mr Luckys Black Satin 3 Inch Mirror

Featuring a Bad-Ass Satin Black finish, this trendy little mirror measures just 3″ in diameter, and offers a super clean, super minimalistic appearance! The 4″ stem mounts to either Left or Right-hand facet of any 1″ or 7/8″ handlebar with the 2-piece Mirror Mounting Clamp and Shim for 7/8″ handlebars that are included. Lets you mount the mirror with no stock handlebar control casing to get a super clean, minimalistic setup. The Clamp could be positioned to mount the mirror in the conventional upright position over the handlebars, or rotated down to have the mirror positioned below the handlebars from the classic chopper style.

Motorcycle Mirrors compatible with/replacement for Honda

OEM quality set of Harley style mirrors
Will fit Japanese bicycles with the 10MM right-hand thread that is essentially all metric cruisers.
Mirror head is flat black plastic with a glossy black steel shaft.
Mirror head is 5.75″ wide which offers a wonderful view of what’s behind you.
The mirrors will NOT match Harley-Davidson motorcycles, sportbikes, scooters or Yamaha/Star bikes.


Fits for the majority of the Harley Bikes / Bikes / Choppers / Crusiers / Touring with 8mm/10mm thread.

Mirror Color: Smoke Blue
Shell color: Chrome
Glass: Optical grade glass mirrors
Material: Material: Aluminum Stem + Aluminum Mirror Housing
Mirror Size: 4-1/2″(L) x 1-3/4″(W)
Stem Length: Approx 5-1/5″”
Ride Your Bike With Design
Reflective design, enhance the safety of driving
Unique Custom Design
Fantastic for sports application and road motorcycle
Easy Setup, No Modification Required
Installation: Direct bolt on to all motorcycle that’s using one mounting bolt mirror.

KEMIMOTO Handlebar Rearview Mirror, Bar End Mirrors

The framework and stem are made of Selected CNC Billet Aluminum, ball socket is made of stainless steel. You can touch and feel the superior material as soon as you’ve got it. A great deal more sturdy and stylish. 3.5″x3.5″ mirror surface. R1200 Convex Mirror, Convex mirror glass for an extended field of vision.

Clarity is fantastic and even has the little blue tint to decrease glare and protect your eyes, the convex mirror gives you a broad perspective behind you, the mirrors should be installed on a bike handlebar.

The mirror itself has a slight blue tint to eliminate glare which works nicely, the structure is billet aluminum and they are extremely solid and robust. I can’t find these breaking any time soon. All hardware was stainless steel that’s nice also!

The only downside I have with these mirrors is that they are somewhat overbuilt, they are large and bulky. If you need or like that style they’re for you, not for me though.

The ball socket mount to the mirror to let you adjust it was somewhat stiff but this is a fantastic thing, it means it will not move at high speed.

Motogadget m.view Blade bar end mirror

The mirror is much the same, just an alternate style to another model. Both feature polished aluminum which replaces glass. This allows the bar end mirror (which matches both 7/8″ and 1″ pubs ) to be machined very thinly for weight reduction and style.

The convex surface of the mirror lets you see an enormous area behind you, which makes it very safe. The mounting options permit the user to match them below or above the bars.

The special aspect of this motorcycle mirror is the patented mirror surface, which can be worked directly into the metal of the body. The Aluminium itself in the mirror! A weightless design without frame and edge is potential and the mirror body itself becomes very light and thin. Shattered glass or dropped out glass is not really possible! The convex mirror surface is generated in fly cutting by way of diamond tools on ultra-precision machines. It’s then made resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and scrapes by an intricate plasma coating process in a vacuum.

CRG Bar End Mirror Arrow Black

The CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror is the perfect application for contemporary, performance sportbikes and naked sportbikes.
Aerodynamic styling in billet aluminum construction gives a superior, unobstructed view of the street behind.
In keeping with the exceptional quality of CRG goods, the Arrow Bar End Mirror is an eloquent and minimalist design.
Unique multi-position mounting system.
Aerodynamic design.

Motogadget m.view Spy bar end mirror

Instead of glass what you are actually looking at is polished aluminum with a protective film mounted on it straight. This permits the mirror to be quite light and thin. This is a piece of engineering art. The quality of the mirror is second to none, the device is totally beautiful. Each of the hardware is stainless steel significance nothing will rust in poor weather, and the mirror itself is constructed in billet aluminum CNC machined to perfection.

Advantages of Motorcycle Mirrors

The principal advantage of owning a bike mirror is security. Motorcycles move quickly, and drivers may not find them due to their size. As a result of this, fantastic visibility is critical once you’re riding a bicycle.

This usually means that their focus isn’t on the road forward and also the danger of a collision increases. Better visibility additionally makes anglers feel more comfortable since they’ve got an all-around view of the environment.

One more advantage of aftermarket mirrors is they enhance the expression of a bike. Many inventory mirrors are dull and do not stand out. Obtaining a pair of negative mirrors in the ideal style can radically improve the overall look of the bicycle and make it more appealing.

Some countries do not demand mirrors, some just need one, and many others need two. It is ideal to be more compliant with regulations in your house state and keep in mind that the laws in different states if you intend on traveling.

Different types of Motorcycle Mirrors
There’s a massive assortment of mirrors for bicycles in shops and on the internet. They appeal to various kinds of bicycles and are available in many distinct shapes and sizes. A number also have different mounting techniques. Some are mounted with stalks on the handlebars, but some match on the fairing or over the conclusion of the handlebars. We have a peek at the most frequent types below.

Fairing-Mounted Mirrors
Fairing-mounted mirrors are mounted right on the fairing using bolts. Not all bicycles have fairings, and they’re primarily used on athletic bikes and touring bicycles. Fairly frequently, the cushions on those bicycles are designed to be aerodynamic to coincide with the fairing. Because of this, they have significantly less wind interference and generally have less vibration.

When it could change based on the bicycle, specialists do not suggest replacing fairing-mounted mirrors with bar-end mirrors, particularly if you’re considering riding at high rates. There is a range of semi-automatic fairing-mounted mirrors accessible, a few of which have built-in turn signs.

Bar End Mirrors
Most inventory bikes do not include bar-end mirrors, therefore that they need to be bought as aftermarket choices.

Sometimes, the fitment may be simple, and in some other instances, it can be challenging. It is dependent upon the sort of bicycle and sort of mirrors.

Since they sit on the broadest aspect of the handlebars, many bar end mirrors provide excellent visibility, but they also produce the bicycle wider, which may be a drawback in tight spaces if you are attempting to park or move your bike.

Bar-Mounted Mirrors
These are normally the stock mirrors onto your bicycle that are attached to the handlebars with a stem that sits ahead of the grip.

These conventional mirrors are usually easy to install and are available in many distinct shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Since they do not stick out, they permit the bicycle to squeeze into tighter areas.

How can I match bar end mirrors?

Bar-end mirrors are extremely simple to match and they generally only need standard hand tools.

You may need:

A knife.

Your brand new mirrors.
1. Ensure That Your bicycle is protected
You are likely to be transferring the handlebars about and walking about your motorcycle, in case you’ve got a bike rack to keep your bike safe please utilize it. You are going to need to be certain to have a lot of places to function in to prevent any accidental harm.

2. Eliminate the mirrors
After this is done and you’ve got a fantastic area to work in, you need to get rid of the outdated mirrors. Typically bicycle mirrors mount on the brake and clutch assembly and also have a locking collar which has to be undone using a spanner.

The way to match bar end mirrors
You’ve got have a rubberized sleeve, simply roll it up so that you are able to get into the nut.

3. Obtaining access to this handlebar ends
Back view side mirrors typically connect with a plug that sits within the handlebar as well as the bar end mirror will automatically attach for the plug. Therefore we want access to the pub finish.

If your bike is equipped with bar endings already all you have to do is just eliminate these.

Cutting bicycle grips
Feel your way around the inner subject of the handlebar and reduce gradually, you’ll require a sharp knife. Repeat for the two sides.

When you have bar ends already installed it is possible there’s already a metallic plug at the conclusion of the bar. You’ll have to eliminate this, so you may use the bolt which attached your pub end to twist into this plugin and utilize pliers or grips to pull out them.

4. Fit your mirrors
Now you’ve got access to a bike bar ends that you can match your own mirrors. It is best for you to just read the directions which came with your goods and follow along carefully but normally all that’s demanded is pushing the plugin the assembly in and trimming the bolt up.

Make sure that your mirrors are securely attached, so you do not need them to drop off. After everything is strong it is possible to sit on your own bicycle, place them as required so that you can see everything from you and you are done!

Fitting bar end mirrors can be a really straightforward task which anyone can perform.

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