20 best dirty santa gifts (buying Guide)

funny gifts for dirty santa

Dirty Santa Unclean Santa or White elephant parties can be a terrific method to exchange gifts with a group, but you need the right tips to urge some pleasant competitors. To make sure your payment to the game merits right, here are some amusing dirty Santa gift ideas for your next exchange. Keep in mind, play it filthy, so you walk away with the most effective present funny gifts for dirty Santa.

Avocado Tree Growing Kit

We all love the magic of watching our sprouts grow. When you receive your avocado grower, you won’t be able to wait to get started and plant your very first seed. We even included a flag in the pack to write the name of this best family member!

This original avocado starter kit is the perfect gift for a housewarming party, imagine the surprise in your best friend‘s eyes when she receives this cute avocado bowl in which to grow her indoor plant.

Burrito Blanket

First, our double-sided burritos blankets are the first to use 280 grams of ultra-soft flannel and use environmentally friendly materials for dyeing. Second, we are the first to introduce an 80-inch diameter tortilla blanket suitable for overweight adults, couples, or some people they need. Our 60-inch Mexican burritos wrap blanket will make you more comfortable and gentle wrapped inside. Realistic patterns on both sides make you be a true burrito.

Beer Soap

Beer soap is a perfect gift for just about anyone who has ever enjoyed a beer or cider. But it’s also great for people who simply enjoy great scents, artisan soaps, and fun American-made goods.

Our beer soap is made with great ingredients like orange peel, crushed oats, and real hops. Since beer is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, it is an excellent treatment for your skin!

This isn’t some stinky local artisan handmade soap from the hipster down the street that you purchased out of obligation. The scents are derived from the beer itself and can be described as smelling spicy, roasty, fruity, sweet, and fresh, depending on the variety of soap.


Sangria’s (the lazy egg) can be taken care of in a Tamagotchi environment.
Feed, play, turn lights on/off and give attention, So you don’t end up with an egg dish
When you want to play, play a game where you guess where is hiding!
Raise your from baby to 8 different versions to 20 kinds of egg dishes.

Candy Bento Box

Gummy candy sushi comes with nine pieces of candy modeled after sushi rolls and garnishings, arranged on a plastic tray
This sushi bento box combines gummy, marshmallow, and licorice candies to produce five classic sushi staples
Candy sushi features fruity, sour, and licorice flavors giving a delightful surprise to any sushi lover.
Includes 2 Candy Nigiri (marshmallow topped with a gummy fish), 2 Candy California Rolls (marshmallow wrapped in a sour gummy belt), 2 Candy Ikura (candy-coated gummy), 1 Candy Uramaki (Sour gummy ring with a gummy bear in the center), 2 Candy Koikuchi (licorice)

Beaker Wine Glass

Bob Ross Coffee Mug

When the mug is cold, the image of Bob Ross reminds you to be calm and find time in your life to create. When you pour in a hot beverage, a Bob Ross painting appears to inspire you.
10 oz. Ceramic mug. It comes in a colorful box.
Color changing cups are microwave safe, but not dishwasher safe. Hand washes only. Don’t soak.

The Star Wars Cook Book

Boba Fett-Uccine and Princess Leia Danish Dos are just the beginning when the Force is with you in the kitchen. Wookiee Cookies is your invitation to exceptional culinary experiences in the Star Wars frame of mind. From C-3PO Pancakes to Jedi Juice Bars, this intergalactic Star Wars cookbook features healthy snacks, delicious dishes, sweet treats, and accessible main courses no Rebel can resist. With hilarious photos and safety tips for cooking on Earth as well as in most space stations, Wookiee Cookies even includes a sheet of shiny Star Wars stickers. Age is no issue when it comes to Star Wars cuisine-kids as well as adults will have a great time with this book. Whether you drove to your first Star Wars flick or just had your fifth birthday, there’s no reason you can’t whip up some Crazy Cantina Chili at near light speed.

Wine Condoms

This protective wine covering was Invented by a mother-son duo, inspired by a Macgyvered wine seal that looked like a makeshift condom. Unaware of the success that would come from this hilarious, yet effective solution to resealing opened bottles of wine, they set out to create this fun novelty gift. With a bigger is better mentality (pun intended), the newly upgraded wine condom version 2.0 is the ultimate in wind protection and preservation.

The shrink to fit technology allows you to seal up almost any opened bottle, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal that is fully reusable! No need to buy separate bottle stoppers for different sized bottles; this is an all in one solution for storing your opened beverages, wine, and more. The tight seal keeps oxygen out and liquid in, providing the ultimate spill protection while sealing in freshness. It is 99.9% effective, preventing unplanned spills screw the cork. Use

Sure to put a smile, or awkward expression on even the most uptight wine snobs face, wine condoms are about being functional and fun. Set the mood with a bottle of wine and this silly yet practical beverage storage solution. Most bottle stoppers add too much length to be placed upright in the refrigerator once opened, wine condoms offer a solution to upright or side-lying storage. The leak-proof technology means you can pick your favorite position; talking about storage of

Disposable Camera

Loaded with Superia X-TRA 400 film . 27 exposures, Available in single or double pack Loaded with Fujicolor 400-speed film, Superior color reproduction, Flash range up to 10 feet, Continuous flash automatically recharges for your next picture, Fixed-focus lens for sharp, clear pictures, Compact and easy to use

Christmas Vacation Glass Moose Mug

Would you like to drink your egg nog out of a moose mug like Clark Griswold, but you’re not up for a cross-country road trip to get your own from Walley World? The simple solution is to have this Christmas Vacation 8oz Moose Mug sent right to you instead!

Game of Phones

Color: Brown/a Game of phones is a unique and hilarious party game The brings smartphones to the party. You can keep it PG and play with the whole family or let your responses run wild when grandma and the little ones aren’t around. Compete to find the funniest, strangest, most unexpected, most amazing, most i-can’t-believe-this-exists answers to prompts. Remember, no two games are ever the same because you now have new photos from last weekend, Instagram is always fresh, and people are still yelling on Twitter. The Internet is merely endless, and so is the game of phones.