20 best bourbon glasses [buying Guide]

best glasses for bourbon

When drinking your favorite bourbon or scotch, you need the right drinking vessels, We have collected the best bourbon glasses for you.

6 Exquisite Cocktail Glasses

Entire your barware set with this value packaged beautiful whiskey decanter collection. The set comprises a classic squared 33.75-ounce decanter with beveled fluted stopper, and 6 advanced 9.5ounce whiskey tumbler glasses, all supplying timeless elegance.

Drinks are sure to be thoroughly appreciated when served out of this tasteful liquor decanter to the conventional glasses, which have been masterfully crafted at a gorgeous traditional diamond cut, using identifying light reflective starburst detailing. Crafted from Parma, Italy, from fine sands and raw materials, users may encounter a rich heritage of innovation leaders of glassmaking demonstrated inside this lead-free conventional glass and whiskey decanter collection.

Trail Whiskey Glasses

The Kentucky Bourbon Course glasses’ thick, big sham matches your grip as you swirl the libation, and also, the large bowl provides ample surface space to increase evaporation. After admiring the soul’s vibrant colors and glossy texture during the smooth, glossy clear glass and breathing at the evocative aromas attracted to the surface by the narrow neck, then it is time to take this first ideal, soul-warming flavor. Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail provides you and your guests on a sensual journey, and you’re going to need every sip–and each second –to continue eternally.

Premium Whiskey Glasses

Equipped with a thick, weighted bottom and also to adapt oversized ice cubes/whiskey stones, your whiskey glasses will maintain a full 12 oz of your favorite beverage. Ideal for friends/loved ones who love Manhattans, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rye, cocktail, or is a mixology enthusiast. Each of Mofado’s whiskey eyeglasses arrives in superior gift packaging, which makes them a great Father’s Day, wedding, or birthday present.

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass

Winner of the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation, the glass stipulates a natural elegance that matches your favorite whiskey. It’s a trendy, short base rack, and the glass is made from totally transparent and lead-free crystal, which attracts a great ribbon to the eye.

Twist Whiskey Glasses

This Set of 4 Crystal Design Unique whiskey Glassware by Vaci supplies an enjoyable and exceptional experience for ingesting your own, bourbon, scotch, or whiskey. This Luxurious designed 10-ounce Whisky Glass collection of 4 is going to be an excellent addition to your wet bar.

Made from lead-free crystal top silicate glass will be sure any cocktail or dram is going to be shown wonderfully, allowing for an unadulterated tasting encounter in a chilly winter’s night next to a hot fireplace.

This gift collection of four whiskey glass collection will incorporate 4pc of pure cork drink coasters to protect your furniture out of eyeglasses. Bid farewell to bothersome drink rings and ruined wood decks out of the drink and permit you to appreciate your whiskey on the rocks.

Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass

Double conventional whiskey glass (Set of 4) with six walnut frightening stones.10 ounce thick foundation stones eyeglasses; weighted bottom enhances stability. Excellent bar-ware eyeglasses for scotch, bourbon, and cocktail drinks.Layers attractively with an assortment of dinnerware and table configurations, a genuine classic. Completely dishwasher safe; won’t etch, cloud or discolor for the life span of this glass.

Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Set of 4

Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashioned Glasses unite traditional-style quality and cutting together with Marquis value. Markham DOF Glasses give an air of elegance to any occasion, have a timeless cut pattern layout, and feel and look good in your hand.

Whiskey Glass Set of two – Bourbon Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Made of high quality protected glass for drinking bourbon, scotch, and also other alcoholic beverages in your home or a pub. For the ideal soul taste fans like your dad, husband, or brother!kit of two large convenient dimension drinking glasses (11.15 ounce ), eight granite stones with a velvet bag, two-bedroom tops, and tongs. Share a large second using a friend! Unlike ice cubes, then these terrifying beverage stones do not water down your beverage but chill it perfectly well for sipping on your soft tasting whiskey. Each polished rock is reusable and washable.

Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glasses, Set of 4

Serve your whiskey how it is intended to be served with this Glencairn whiskey glass. Combining the wisdom and experience of a number of the whiskey world’s top innovators, the special and fashionable form of the non-leaded crystal has been crafted with distinguished attention to improving the pleasure of single malts and obsolete blends. The tapering mouth makes it possible for ease of ingesting not correlated with conventional nosing glasses while catching that floral odor. The large bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whiskey’s color along with a good foundation, is made to be easy on the hand.

Double Old Fashioned Glass With Sudden Cigar Rush

Ergonomically designed to safely hold your favorite cigar and keep it from slipping and falling. Each device includes one dual classic whiskey glass to your favorite beverage. Each glass is handmade from excellent premium glass, meaning everyone is unique like you.is just made with the best and most durable material.

JoyJolt Square Rocks Glasses

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The JoyJolt Carre bourbon eyeglasses are exceptional, square foot, and handmade by expert artisans, using an architectural design that will produce a lasting impression. These old fashioned glasses are hardy and sturdy enough for pub glasses or in locations where breakage of stones eyeglasses is a concern. These liquor glasses are handmade. And possess a solid foundation and arrive in a gorgeous embossed magnetic closure gift box, the ideal gift idea for almost any event.

Von Deamon Glass Place

Each hefty established tumbler holds 10 oz and is big enough to accommodate two” whiskey bricks, cubes, or an ice ball. Van Daemon Glassware is Dishwasher Safe. Each collection of two Glasses comes in its presentation gift box, making sure that it arrives in pristine condition. Each superior gift box features a magnetic closure that closes having a reassuring snap, meaning that your eyeglasses are securely preserved for many years and generations to come.

Diamond Whiskey Glasses

These eyeglasses will completely earn a table, or some other pubs seem amazing, classy, and tasteful to perfection.

Revere Scotch Glasses

These double old fashioned glasses are hardy and powerful enough for pub glasses or in locations where breakage of stones eyeglasses is an issue; the brickwork layout functions as a measuring guide. These liquor glasses are handmade. And has a solid base and comes in a set of two with every glass with an 11-ounce capability, also comes in a gorgeous embossed gift box, the ideal gift idea for almost any events.

Two Etched Globe Whisky

Hand Blown, elegant Whiskey Decanter dispenser, comprising an etched world design and classic boat from the jar, will enhance your drinking experience when creating a bold feeling.
The PATENT PENDING set comprises whiskey decanter with two matching world design old-fashioned whiskey glasses fitted on the brightly colored tray. Gold stopper provides a touch of class when maintaining your spirits protected.
Decanter ability 850ml – Cocktail glass capability 300ml.
An excellent conversation piece at any given celebration. May also be used to serve water, juice, Soda, iced tea, and other drinks.

Taylor’d Milestones Reserve Whiskey Glass

TRY SOMETHING NEW! This Scotch Glass is filled with design & IMPROVES your beverage. The shape allows air to attain spirits, discharge locked aromas & focus them in the peak of the glass. Whiskey Glass GIFT SET for your one in your list with everything..or shortly will! Envision their smile when they start that bundle of eyeglasses from Taylor’d Milestones.

Bourbon Glasses Eneru Whiskey Glass Set of two Forest

Handmade printed display detailed example of a black and black woods landscape. It provides you with a shocking scene if you enjoy your whiskey. The ink won’t fade off or wash away. We recommend washing by hand.

Layout with a thick, weighted bottom, you can feel the quality when you hold it on your hand. Your whiskey glass may consume 11 ounces of your favorite beverage, oversize ice cubes, and ice hockey balls. Made of lead-free food-grade substances, Nothing will influence your whiskey. It centers the aromas and tastes in the best manner and will bring your tasting experience to a different level!

Atlas&Co Premium Whiskey Glasses using ADD-ON Ice Ball Molds — Set of two

If you utilize our complimentary Atlas&Co ice chunks, whiskey stone, or just plain old-fashioned ice cubes, the broad mouth of this Atlas Twist Glass lets lots of space. Measuring in at almost 12 ounces, it’s big enough to get a generous portion of your go-to soul on the stones or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Holidays, or Housewarming, Regardless of the event, the Atlas Twist Glasses Are Certain to impress. Give a particular man in your life a thing that they are sure to utilize and revel in again and again.

JoyJolt Nova Non-leaded Crystal Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Crafted of excellent non-leaded crystal using a sleek, contemporary shape, everyone can hold 10 oz of your favorite Scotch bar eyeglasses. Makes an elegant addition to your dinner table or house pub, and makes a superb present for Home barware. Leaded crystal whiskey glass. Lead-free for security. Crafted using a thick base & clean comfy for all hand sizes classic bowl layout.

These stunning stemless glasses are created out of only the best materials and are styled to add distinction to your barware lineup, poker night, pool party, glass tumbler, pub glasses, Scotch Glasses, Whiskey Glass, Bourbon glass, spirits glass, lowball glasses
Quality is our objective. Meets resort and service industry quality standards. Lead-free crystal glasses that are dishwasher safe and more resistant to breakage.

Elegant Whiskey Glass Set of two

Unlike a few other stones glasses which contain lead material, our whiskey tumbler collection is created of lead-free, noninvasive, ultra conductive crystal and have passed strict quality criteria such as US FDA 21 and CA Prop 65 testing. Both of these cocktail whiskey glasses are 100% dishwasher friendly and will have no foggy shadows, or lack of brilliance following dishwashing machine. We do not use inexpensive lace or newspaper packs for holding the spirits glasses in the box.

Whether displayed in the box, on your hands or contrary to your lips, then this ultra conductive whiskey glass is a nod to high quality. Weighted and balanced, every whiskey stone glass includes a thick wall with fragile foliage etching on top along with a diamond pattern beneath. Romantic dinners, holidays, and parties become classier with this type of dazzling and vibrant whiskey glass.

Single malts or mixes, cocktails or neat; you’re going to adore the perfect heft and nosing of those glistening, sparkling highball glasses. Every scotch glass is 3 inches in diameter to readily accommodate ice cubes, whiskey stones, ice balls, or ice balls, and you’ll be proud to possess, use and exhibit that this old fashioned whiskey stone glass collection.

Iceberg Whiskey Glass Tumbler Heavy Base

Heavy crystal, distinctive and tasteful, Fantastic quality, quite attractive to the eye, The drinking glass provides excellent clarity ideal for bourbon, scotch, and whiskey. The lowball glass comes within a presentation box, which makes them excellent for gift-giving, An excellent price, and a superb present for any occasion. It’s easy, but tasteful and stunning, not just a glass, but also an art, suits perfectly for your house bar~

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