32 best Creative 40th birthday gift ideas

Excellent gifts, here are 40 great gifts that any 40th birthday gift ideas. Push the boat out with a pressie, which is meaningful instead of mundane, and shows them that life does begin at 40.

[accordion title=”BEST 40TH BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR BEST FRIEND” load=”hide”]Make your buddy smile and also start the 40th year with vigor, vigor, power and lots of happiness. Make sure the presents you choose for him or her ought to be economical to you and additionally it should bring the one-of-a-kind bond you both share. As it is stated, that relationship is the purest connection, which stands all the negative times as well as embellishments with time.

All the on-line presents offered are numerous, and also the unique ones ate to be selected by you, so do not squander time, and also choose the one for your ideal friend as well as bring that vibrant smile back on their face, and some memories of both of your childhood years[/accordion]

40 Never Looked So Good” Hat

What better way to celebrate your 40th than with our “40 Never Looked So Good” trucker hat! This hat is the perfect party accessory to add some sass to the party.

Crystal Frame

These disguised funny glasses are made with premium material with feature design and comfortable feel. It’s lightweight for mobile wear. These humorous eyeglasses prop a fantastic party favor option to celebrate a birthday with your friends and a perfect eyewear toy to your kids at festivals.

 Party Cups Set

Catch this 12 pack of Forty AF party cups, which will make any Fortieth Birthday party the most memorable one! This collection includes 12 Pink” Forty AF” cups to the full 40 crew!

Party Supplies for Appetizer

This Disposable Plate Dinnerware set is a celebration must-have! Enough for 80 guests. Plates are rigid and thick and will not fold while making yummy dishes. The set is Food Grade and BPA-Free. Suitable for holiday and birthday parties with your friends and loved ones. Plates are 9 inches in diameter.

Decorations Women

Bottle Opener

More elegant gold 30 shaped jar opener sets comprise 16 Pcs. Each one has a single bundle in Black and Gold, Ideal for your Over The Hill gold and black themed birthday celebration ceremony decorations

The gold color and three rhinestones add amazing details to give them a gorgeous vintage look. Add additional charm to your classy Gold 40th wedding anniversary or birthday celebration by gifting these stunning bottle openers! These bottle openers are ones that your loved ones and friends will love. Our wedding favor bottle openers made from a high finished metal alloy with a smooth surface, anti-rust, long time to maintain, fit easily at every place setting.

Wine Glass

The two Rose-red and white wine Tumblers are made of unbreakable 404 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, and the lid with a drinking strewing pit are Made from ABS and Silica gel; Can Be a reusable, eco-friendly, shatterproof insulated wine glass, it may be used for smoothie/juice/water or milkshake cups, too easy to clean with warm water

These wine tumblers cups have a double wall & boast aluminum-coated interior walls designed to maintain the drinks either warm or cold for quite a long time, prevent the warmth build-up on the walls, and won’t ever create a watery mess on the surfaces. In detail, the tumbler cups can keep your wine icy-cold for 9 hours or your tea and coffee scalding-hot for more than 3 hours!

Party Props

What better way to celebrate the 40th birthday than with our photo booth prop package? Our photo props add some classy yet sassy decor and welcome your guests to the event. Pack includes many different shapes, sizes, and colors, such as lips, glasses, bow ties, cakes, and humorous signs! Young and old can get in on the funny photos which will ensue. Simply attach the included bamboo dowels to every prop using the supplied clear stickers.

Tiara and Sash

A fun and stunning method to make a classy and elegant sense of your 40th birthday party.

It’s a beautiful set for woman’s 40th party, and the tiara and crown may nevertheless be worn for long after the cake is eaten — a perfect accessory to your Birthday parties.

Photo Props

23 PIECE PACK: Pack includes a woman’s favorite color – not just the typical black, gold, and white. We provide several shapes, sizes, and colors, such as lips, glasses, bow ties, cupcakes, and humorous signs! Everybody, young or old, little or large, can get in on the funny photos which are sure to bring smiles.

 Wine Glass

want you to be the life of the party with this fun and unique 40-ish Birthday Wine Glass. Whether you are treating yourself or getting someone special a fun present, memories are certain to be made with your new Top Shelf 40-ish Birthday wine glass! Each glass comes specially packaged, complete with its gift tag for personalization!

Numeral Candles

2 Numeral Candles per bundle
Candles measure 3.”
Silver glitter for a sophisticated look
For cakes, cupcakes and other decorations

Party Supplies Set Serves

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Flatware collection is food grade and No BPA. Plates, Cups, and Napkins are made from environmentally friendly biodegradable paper. Make your birthday party fun and fabulous with this gorgeous party supplies set. The dinnerware features a large pink 40th writing in the center with a black backdrop and accents of a pink dot. Amazingly attractive!

SAVE YOUR TIME. This disposable dinnerware is All-in-One Pack, includes 7″ plates, 9″ plates, cups, napkins, spoons, forks, knives, banner, table cover. You simply only use one click to receive all of the tableware. Complete over 114 Pieces, serves 16 guests.

Hat for Men

is a large and unforgettable event in life of each man, and we’ll enable you to celebrate this memorable day with your loved ones, coworkers, and friends in a special way wedding package has one charming black lady with silver letters imprinted on it and trendy and classy Hat to appear decent and unique among others on celebration Baseball Cap is made from high-quality cotton that makes it durable, reusable and durable, Perfect to celebrate your fabulous Party. The hat is a one size fits all with an adjustable snapback strap.


COMMEMORATE her turning fabulous forty with this milestone Birthday bracelet with 40 dainty 14K rose gold dipped beads representing each fabulous year. COMMEMORATE her turning fabulous forty with this milestone Birthday bracelet with 40 dainty 14K rose gold dipped beads representing each fabulous year.


Women Necklace

The chain and circles are made of 925 Sterling Silver. The circles are connected to the chain by two pretty and dainty twisted ovals. This necklace will not turn your skin green, red, or itchy: it’s the real deal using sterling silver from the most reputable silver supplier in the country. The chain is dainty but strong and will not break on you.

Insulated Tumblers

The exquisite teardrop shape of the tumbler fits perfectly in your hand. It’s simple yet elegant design is sure to please the wine or coffee lover in your life. This 12 oz cup is perfect for keeping hot drinks hot and cold beverages icy for hours. The clear, press-in lid has a small opening to allow you to sip on-the-go or use a standard size straw; it will also help minimize spills.

Wine Glass Tumbler with Lid

The exquisite teardrop shape of the tumbler fits perfectly in your hand. It’s simple yet elegant design is sure to please the wine or coffee lover in your life. This 14 oz cup is perfect for keeping hot drinks hot and cold beverages icy for hours. The tumbler comes with a lid to prevent spills and maintain a consistent temperature.

 Whiskey Glass

This lowball 11 oz. Whiskey glass offers excellent clarity for showcasing a variety of beverages! Use it to serve your favorite bourbon or scotch on the rocks. Not only does its old fashioned shape create a sleek silhouette, but it also fits effortlessly in your hand.

Travel Mug for Keeping

The material of the cup is made of stainless steel, so it is not as fragile as ordinary cups. It can be used for a long time. It is also easy to carry when traveling, so don’t worry about bumping.

The pattern on the cup uses silkscreen technology to ensure that the color of the design is bright and stable, which means it will not fade quickly.

Tiara and Sash

What to Write in a 40th Birthday Card

I can think of 40 reasons you might be feeling your age today.
Happy 39th again!

If you aren’t grown up by now, it probably won’t happen.

You don’t look too bad for 50. Oh yeah, you’re turning 40. Never mind.

You can forget about being trusted by teenagers. You’re even too old to be trusted by people in their 20’s.

You look young for someone in their 40’s. Maybe that’s because you haven’t been in your 40’s for long.

Don’t fret over turning 40. You still have ten years until you are 50!

Now that you are 40, you will finally have to grow up or not. It’s up to you.

You’re not over the hill yet. You will probably always feel like you are walking uphill now that you’re 40.

You have 40 reasons to admit to yourself that you are getting older, but I won’t make you. Have a happy 40th birthday!

You have an excuse to treat yourself to a new sports car. You’re old enough to have a midlife crisis now that you’re 40.

Congratulations on turning 39 years old again for the second time. I’m looking forward to celebrating your 39th for many years to come.

Ust thinks you are now halfway to being 80. 40 sounds so young when you think about it that way.

Congratulations on turning 39 with an extra year of experience under your belt. The additional year shows.

If you start to feel old, remember that age is only a number. Yours happens to be a significant number.

I went to the psychic and asked about you. They said you are having a birthday and they see bifocals and hearing aids in your near future.

Think of yourself as two twenty-year-old people instead of one forty-year-old.

[accordion title=”40th Birthday Ideas for Men” load=”hide”]1. Plan a surprise – You can gift him things that might not last long, maybe a few years. But some things are forever. A birthday surprise is one of a thing that is always there with memories. So if you can plan a good surprise for him, that can make him happy and comes out to be the best present. creative 40th birthday gift ideas

2. Organize a get-together – On your behalf, plan, a get-together, for which you can call all his friends, family members, and relatives. Get things done for him on your behalf that will be the excellent gesture of showing love and care.

3. A party – A birthday celebration is not at all complete with an awesome party. So give him something that he cants forgive for years. Plan out a great party for him.[/accordion]

How do I host a 40th birthday party?

1. Good drinks make for a good buzz. There are all kinds of parties, but I think cocktail parties work great for milestone birthdays. And tasty cocktails make for better parties. Hire a bartender. Get some fresh cocktails going at the beginning – not too many choices, just 2 or 3. You know what your spouse likes to drink, so make sure her favorite drink is available. My sweetheart loves champagne, hence the case of Veuve. (Which we plowed through in 2 hours or so, I might add.)

2. Dress up and take lots of pictures. This is going to be a party you remember for the rest of your life, so make it right. Dress up, look your best and take lots of pictures. Hire a photographer if you don’t want to be clicking pics all night. You’ll be glad you did it.

3. Make a slide show. Gather pictures from way back, scan them, and make a slide show in iMovie. Even if you know nothing about video editing, iMovie can spit out a great slide show that you can burn to DVD. At the party, right after the speeches, pop in the DVD and watch the memories. Sentimentality goes a long way at these kinds of celebrations.

4. Cool cocktail tunes make the party. The lounge is perfect for getting the relaxed cocktail party vibe going – with a few jazz standards thrown in. Here’s a sample of my party playlist. Once you are into the evening a bit, you can mix in some 70s or 80s retro tunes just for fun. Your songs should sit on the floor (figuratively) and be played at only the right volume for the party to sit on top to create the optimal buzz. iTunes playlists work great, and whole-home audio using iTunes will allow you to get those vibes grooving throughout space~

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